Services Offered

  • Powder Coating
  • Wood Effect Coating
  • Hydrographic


Powder coating is mainly done on metals and is a superior replacement for liquid painting. Powder coating is typically applied by sprayingunder electrostatic charge and then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a smooth layer. Powder coating gives a harder and incredibly durable finish. However , most important is that metal surfaces to be powder coated are PRE- TREATED suitably to protect its longevity. If pre-treatment is sub-standard , powder coating can chip , with its life being shortened. There is a specific pre-treatment for each type of metal surface. Powdertek are masters of the pre-treatment processes and that ensures best end results.

A perfectly pre-treated , properly powder coated and suitably cured surface has superior resistance to impacts , scratches and chemicals. All metals can be powder coated that includes Aluminium , stainless steel , steel alloys , galvanised steel and most of the cast metals. Low VOCs make powder coating a much safer , eco-friendly and effective alternative to liquid coating. We have state of the art powder coating and wood effect coating facility from where we deliver optimum quality and service at a reasonable price. Our facility demonstrates our commitment to offering innovative products that meet or exceed industry standards.

We have the widest range of wood finish patterns and also a wide range of RAL colors for interior and exterior applications-Textured and smooth finishes-smooth matte-smooth semi-glossy-fine texture-rough texture matte-rough texture glossy-metallic , copper , brass and chrome finish etc.. in Polyester epoxy , Polyester , Polyester Urethene and Epoxy.


Hydrographics is just another term for water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, hydro dipping, watermarbling, cubic printing.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is the newly technique of applying dry paint to a part in the form of a fine powder which is charged electrically. The part is electrically 'earthed' so the powder is attracted to the part and it stays in a place through static electricity. Then this part is then placed in an oven and is subject to temperature which melts the polyester and allows the finish to flow and cure before the part is cooled and ready to use.

Wood Effect Coating

Wood effect coating is a special powder coating process based on latest technology in the surface finishing. It enhances interior and exterior finishing with the appearance of high end aesthetic look of wood having the durability and strength of the Metals.