WHO were established in the year 1989, named as POWDERTEK, became pioneers in the field of POWDER COATING in Delhi NCR region.

Versatile properties of Powder coating make it ideal for a variety of needs both decorative and practical, for both indoor and outdoor application.

WE have state of the art powder coating and wood effect facililty from where we deliver optimum quality and service at a resonable price.

We have the widest range of wood finish patterns and also a wide range of RAL colors for interior and exterior applications - Textured and smooth finishes - smooth matte- smooth semi-glossy - fine texture - rough texture matte - rough texture glossy - metallic, copper, brass and chrome finish etc. in polyester epoxy, polyester, Polyurethene and Epoxy.

OUR operational procedures meet the requirement of ISO 9001:2015 , quality management systems for which we continue to strive to improve our process. The quality and performance of our coated object are tested at regular intervals.

We adhere strictly to the standards as laid down and supported by in-depth quality control process. We are committed to understanding needs and expectations of customers and enhancing value through mutually beneficial customer/supplier relationship.


Powder coating is mainly done on metals and is a superior replacement for liquid painting. Powder coating is typically applied by spraying under electrostatic charge and then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a smooth layer. Powder coating gives a harder and incredibly durable finish. However, most important is that metal surfaces to be powder coated are PRE-TREATED suitably to protect its longevity. If pre-treatment is sub-standard, powder coating can chip, with its life being shortened. There is a specific pre-treatment for each type of metal surface. Powdertek are masters of the pre-treatment processes and that ensures best end results.


During the powder coating process, the powder is applied to a substrate's pretreated surface, melted, and then dried and hardened into a protective/decorative coating. There are four stages to this process:

  • Uncoated Material
  • Pre Treatment
  • Powder Coating Application
  • Inspection & Dispatch